adb install

In this article, we shall look at the “adb install” adb command and also how to use “adb install” command, with an example.

How to use adb install

App installation – push a single package to the device and install it

adb install test.apk

App installation – push multiple APKs to the device for a single package and install them

adb install-multiple test.apk test2.apk

App installation – push one or more packages to the device and install them atomically

adb install-multi-package test.apk demo.apk

Replace existing application

Renstall an existing app, keeping its data
adb install -r test.apk

Allow test packages

adb install -t test.apk

Allow version code downgrade

Debuggable packages only
adb install -d test.apk

Grant all runtime permissions

Grant all permissions listed in the app manifest
adb install -g test.apk

Cause the app to be installed as an ephemeral install app

adb install --instant test.apk

Use fast deploy

adb install --fastdeploy test.apk

Always push APK to device and invoke Package Manager as separate steps

adb install --no-streaming test.apk

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